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To ensure your assets develop as best as they can, you will need relevant expertise but first and foremost, what you need is time – and someone with that sense of responsibility who always stays on top of things. And that person is me.

I specialise in:

A generalist, I cover a wide range of fields of expertise. As a one-man-business, I act as one central point of contact to you and everyone else involved in your project. Cutting down on the number layers involved in communication this way, we also avoid information getting lost in the process. That saves you time and money. But it also ensures that your projects will always be as well-managed as they could be, because they are in the right hands: mine. Working closely with you, it is my job to turn your ideas into reality.

This is where I have my roots. Roots that have been a solid foundation for growth beyond. I know my way around here, have access to a brilliant network and can bring in specialists in other fields of the industry if need be. I know the local lingo and communicate with people as equal partners. I know about the beautiful, organically developed locations with great amenities and that sense of community around here – and I know about the neighbourhoods that have the potential to transform into just that. 

Private investors won’t always need professional support in purchasing a house. I come in when things might get more complicated. You already own one or more real estate assets which might be complex to maintain? I support you in ensuring that your property is always best-maintained, planning with you to let it, or prepare its sale. You’re looking to build property? I’m here to advise you throughout the process, for instance by helping you obtain the permits and financing you need.

This is what I provide to you:


How may I help?

I am looking forward to your request. Give me a ring at +49 (0)221 29 85 38 32 or use the form below to get in touch. I’ll get back to you as swiftly as possible.